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6 Person
220 cm x 220 cm x 91 cm

Real well-being. The energy-efficient 6-person Vanguard with its versatile features guarantees you not only luxurious well-being but also peace of mind, as the operating costs are low.

The spacious Vanguard pool is one of the gems of the Highlife collection! This pool has two MotoMassage massage places and plenty of swimming space for children or foot space for bathers. Vanguard is therefore ideal for families with children, for example.

Seating Capacity
6 Adults

2.20m x 2.20m x 0.91m

Water Capacity
1,275 liters

315 kg dry

Jet Count

Hot Tub Jets
2 Moto-Massage® DX jet (2)
2 SoothingStream® jets
2 JetStream® jets
2 Rotary Hydromassage jets
1 Directional Hydromassage jet
27 Directional Precision® jets

Lighting System (interior)
Luminescence® multi-color four-zone

Water Features
BellaFontana® with 3 illuminated arcs of water

Control System
IQ 2020® with wireless remote control

Titanium No-Fault® 1500 W or 3000 W

Energy Efficiency
Multiple Layers of Foam Insulation, 100% polyurethane insulation

Jet Pump 1
Wavemaster® 9200

Jet Pump 2
Wavemaster® 9000

Circulation Pump
SilentFlo 5000® for quiet continuous filtration

Water Care System (Optional)
FreshWater® Salt System

Ozone System (Optional)
FreshWater® III Corona Discharge

Entertainment systems (Optional)
Wireless Sound System

Cover Lifters (Optional)
CoverCradle®, UpRite®

Steps (Optional)

  • 100% polyurethane insulation – several different densities, which guarantees maximum and gapless insulation
  • Optional FreshWater® Salt System
  • ABS pool cover
  • Body-hugging pool shell design
  • Patented, through-painted Everwood paneling that is maintenance-free, UV-protected and non-fading
  • Great BMW pool design!
  • 100% filtering
  • Machine washable, Tri-X Longlife filters (5 pcs)
  • Titanium heater
  • A quiet, energy-efficient circulating water pump that filters water around the clock
  • Two MotoMassage massage nozzle that moves up and down – A separate GerryJet hand nozzle on the front of the body is also available as an option
  • Eight patented, truly effective hydromassage methods
  • Really effective massage – two 2.5 hp pumps
  • Child-resistant lid locks
  • All parts are designed and manufactured by ourselves (spare parts warranty)
  • Illuminated BellaFontana waterfall
  • Stunning lighting inside the pool, neck pillows, edges, exterior paneling and bottom
  • ABS bottom
  • Factory-tested pools with compressed air and water
  • Touch screen, floating remote control
  • Stylish indicator light in the external paneling of the pool, which indicates if there is a fault in the pool and what kind of fault it is
  • Comprehensive warranty
  • Optional Corona Discharge ozonator, Connextion remote control for pool and electric deck Foldaway tipper system

Manufacturer’s Assurance: Watkins Manufacturing Corp. (USA) is an industry-leading manufacturer which cherishes a culture of high morals. The company has been in the market since 1977. Watkins is the only outdoor hot tub manufacturer to have supplied more than 1,000,000 pools. Our business – incl. more than 800 authorized dealers and service centers worldwide – guiding the customer appreciation and redemption of promises. Watkins is known for his high quality, environmental responsibility and energy certification, as an obeyer of the highest ethical and solidarity principles.