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HotSpring Limelight - Style and performance in the same package

What does a pool sound like where you don’t have to add water conditioners and where the same water stays clean and crystal clear even for a whole year? This is made possible by the new FreshWater® Salt System, which is now available for all Limelight pools.

The stylish and high-performance Limelight collection is known for its spectacularness and carefully considered details. HotSpring pool technology, versatile features and stunning design. No wonder the pools in this collection are the best selling pools from year to year.

Complete hydromassage
Limelight pools have a truly diverse range of different nozzles, from small targeting nozzles to large XL combination nozzles that treat large muscles.

Energy efficiency comes standard
All Limelight pools come standard with an innovation-award-winning FiberCore insulation material that is 4 times denser than traditional 8 kg / m3 foam. In addition, the pool is equipped as standard with a cost-reducing circulating water pump, which also makes your pool silent.

Easy water treatment
Limelight pools have at least 5 times the filtration capacity of their water surface! For pools, you can choose exactly the water treatment system you want. In addition to traditional water treatment methods, you can choose from the Corona Discharge ozonator and the FreshWater salt system.

Superior and reliable quality, in product and service
No matter which pool you choose, you will have access to the know-how and more than 40 years of experience from the world’s largest manufacturer. They will be delivered to you in Finland by a company with the longest experience and superior expertise in outdoor hot tubs in Finland.

From the bold design and details of the pool shell to the glossy chrome nozzles and the atmospheric mini-color LED lighting – you can be sure that your Limelight pool will turn heads!

Check out the Limelight collection!