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6 Person
213 cm x 213 cm x 91 cm

This popular sized outdoor hot tub with open shaped seating and a spacious lying area is one of the most popular pools ever!

Flair has always been one of our best-selling pools. The redesigned Flair pool has more filtration power (2 filters), great lighting and an optional new FreshWater® Salt System, so you don’t have to add pool chemicals to the pool anymore!

Seating Capacity
6 Adults

2.13m x 2.13m x 0.91m

Water Capacity
1,270 liters

400 kg dry

Spa Shell Options
Alpine White
Ice Gray
Tuscan Sun

Cabinet Options
Coastal Gray

Jet Count

Hot Tub Jets
1 XL Dual Rotary jet
2 XL Single Rotary jets
1 XL Directional jet
6 Standard Single Rotary jets
2 Standard Directional jets
31 Directional Precision® Jets

Lighting System (interior)
Raio® multi-color points of light

Lighting System (exterior)
Exterior multi-color lighting with timer

Water Features
Vidro® backlit ribbon waterfall

Control System
IQ 2020® with LCD control panel

Titanium No-Fault® 1500 W or 3000 W

Energy Efficiency
Award-winning FiberCor® insulation

Jet Pump 1
Wavemaster® 8200

Jet Pump 2
Wavemaster® 8000

Circulation Pump
SilentFlo 5000® for quiet continuous filtration

Water Care System (Optional)
FreshWater® Salt System or EverFresh® ionizer

Ozone System (Optional)
FreshWater® III Corona Discharge

Effective Filtration Area
9 square meters

Entertainment systems (Optional)
Wireless Entertainment

Cover Lifters (Optional)
CoverCradle II®, CoverCradle®, Lift ‘n Glide®, UpRite®

Steps (Optional)
Everwood® or Polymer

  • Patented, through-painted Everwood paneling that is maintenance-free, UV-protected and non-fading.
  • Award-winning, 100% gap-free FiberCor® frame insulation that makes the pool quieter, more energy efficient and more durable.
  • Quiet, energy-efficient and continuous SilentFlo 5000 ™ circulating water pump that filters and ozons water around the clock.
  • Up to 9 square meters of filtration area!
  • Really effective massage – includes two powerful massage pumps!
  • A unique lounge seat that is really spacious and offers a wide range of massage features.
  • Stunning, adjustable color lighting in the interior and exterior of the pool – including four full-height LED lights.
  • A stylish indicator light on the outer wall of the pool, which tells you more precisely if there is a fault in the pool and what kind of fault it is.
  • A sole that mimics the surface of a seashell, which feels comfortable underfoot and is not slippery.
  • Comprehensive warranty – 5-year leak-free warranty for piping and 7-year shell leak-free warranty!
  • Optional FreshWater® Salt System

Manufacturer’s Assurance: Watkins Manufacturing Corp. (USA) is an industry-leading manufacturer which cherishes a culture of high morals. The company has been in the market since 1977. Watkins is the only outdoor hot tub manufacturer to have supplied more than 1,000,000 pools. Our business – incl. more than 800 authorized dealers and service centers worldwide – guiding the customer appreciation and redemption of promises. Watkins is known for his high quality, environmental responsibility and energy certification, as an obeyer of the highest ethical and solidarity principles.